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Ristrot San Pietro

Ristrot San Pietro: more than a restaurant, much more than a bar. In the international and multicultural context of Rome City Center, Ristrot San Pietro is the perfect mix of the pleasure of having a good coffee in company and the passion for Italian gastronomic tradition.

Why visit us

In this timeless place, you can count the hours only by the alternation of your desires

Our kitchen is open from 10 am to 11 pm,  with no-stop service: any excuse to satisfy your feelings.

Our coffee

Ground with love, Bondolfi Boncaffè blends will give you a unique experience. Join us and enjoy it at the bar or, if you wish, comfortably sitting with the beautiful view of the Dome of St.Peter’s Basilica.

And you, what would you like?

A carbonara? A fresh pizza? Bacon or omelette?

Ristrot San Pietro: our rich menu we’ll amaze you! With many food options, we are the ideal place for a quick coffee or a dinner with friends. We look forward to have you here, we will satisfy all your (culinary) needs.

What they say about us ....

Ristrot San Pietro

Our Signature Dishes

Ristrot San Pietro