Ristrot proposal

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Restaurant and Pizzeria

Ristrot San Pietro

Smell and taste our typical italian and roman cuisine. First and second express dishes at all times, freshly prepared with selected products. Sandwich, homemade pasta and pizza… you will be faced with a big choice.

American Breakfast

Ristrot San Pietro

Our version of international breakfast: sweet, savoury, italian or american. Let’s be tempted by the most important meal of the day.

Drink e Wine Bar

Ristrot San Pietro

Our Barman will be here for a drink, at any time you want. A huge variety of white and red wines of excellent quality that come only from selected wineries to offer you the perfect matching with your meal


Ristrot San Pietro

High quality blends Bondolfi Boncaffè with selected desserts, cake or cookies, home made by our laboratories.